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For a natural smile, choose dental implants!

What are dental implants and why do I need them?

Missing teeth can be the ultimate confidence killer. Fortunately, dental implants can replace those missing teeth and both look and function, helping you to smile again!

Unlike crowns or bridges, implants actually replace the tooth root, giving a solid foundation for a replacement tooth. They’re a permanent solution, unlike crowns and bridges.

How do dental implants work?

Full disclosure: dental implants are surgically implanted. Before you stop reading, let us assure you that it is NOT as bad as it sounds. In fact, these procedures are done in our office and usually only require local anesthesia.

Once the tooth root implant is placed where the real tooth root used to be, your body does a bit of the work for you. Your jawbone will grow around the implanted post, anchoring it securely. Pretty neat, huh?

Once that’s healed, an abutment — a small connector post — is attached to the implanted post. This will be what the replacement tooth is bonded to. From there, we’ll get an impression of your mouth and bite so that we can send it to the lab to create a tooth that fits your mouth like a natural tooth would. Once that’s created, we attach and voila! Your smile is as stunning as it ever was.

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

We accept most insurances for dental care, but we’ll have to check with your insurance company to determine if your plan specifically covers dental implants. And we’re always happy to do that!

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